Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009

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This guy is a national treasure, a light breaking through the electronic Berlin Wall of the US media establishment."

- BBC Reporter Greg Palast

Please Help Us Keep the Infowar Alive

Now that Barack Obama has been installed as the latest front man for the New World Order, we can expect a full court press by the elite against the American people. From ongoing and new invasions against the recalcitrant in the third world to the unfinished business of destroying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights at home, the New World Order oligarchs and their minions will now kick their nefarious plan into warp drive -- an engineered economic depression, GMO foods, vaccinations, fluorinated water, an encroaching police state at every turn, global carbon taxes, socialized healthcare, attacks against a free and open internet, increasing government control and mandates, taxes and regulation, and more will be used by our eugenicist control freak rulers to not only impose global rule but increase their soft kill program, in essence a high-tech pogrom directed against humanity.
As the sickening propaganda surrounding Obama's coronation demonstrates, the corporate media will huckster this globalist agenda even more aggressively from now on, eventually leaving us with virtually no venues to get the truth out. In fact, the worsening economic calamity designed by the bankers will inevitably force the truth out of business as poverty spreads and independent media becomes increasingly cost prohibitive.
The economic terrorism of the global elite has had an effect on Alex Jones' productions, by far the most important alternative media operation going up against the New World Order. Due to the economic full frontal assault of the global elite -- steadily increasing inflation, a cynical devaluation of the dollar, and growing unemployment -- the product sales Alex has depended on to finance his ambitious truth operation have fallen as people go into bunker mode and attempt to hang on to their money.
In light of falling revenues to fund the infowar and get the truth out, we are asking you to make a donation. Please donate -- a few dollars or more if you can afford to do so. Alex does not rely on corporate ad revenue like the corporate media, essentially a greedy whore that takes billions of dollars from transnational corporations to fund its non-stop, 24-7 propaganda effort that will ultimately end in global slavery and unimaginable misery for billions of people – that is if we let them get away with it.
It is up to you to help us keep the infowar alive and healthy.

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